(T/he/y) Queer educator, mental health advocate, city kid. Writer of words, questioner of social norms, collector of degrees, lovechild of Captain Janeway and Q


  • G Chin

    G Chin

  • Andy Mitchell

    Andy Mitchell

    3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286 or 2.7182818284590452353602874713526624977572470936999595749669676277240766303535?

  • Jeremy David

    Jeremy David

    I Live on an Island — where I harvest food and interesting thoughts.

  • Maggie Haukka

    Maggie Haukka

    Coder, Decoder, Code-switcher, Truth-teller.

  • Steve Erickson

    Steve Erickson

  • Sherwin C Pornobi

    Sherwin C Pornobi

  • Dr. Thomas J. West III

    Dr. Thomas J. West III

    Ph.D. in English | Film and TV geek | Lover of fantasy and history | Full-time writer | Feminist and queer | Liberal scold and gadfly

  • Courtney Adams

    Courtney Adams

    Broad and difficult. I write about everything, maybe even you. Some is fact, some is fiction. You can figure it out.

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