(T/he/y) Queer educator, mental health advocate, city kid. Writer of words, questioner of social norms, collector of degrees, lovechild of Captain Janeway and Q

NaNoWriMo has been my annual obsession for sixteen years, over half the years I’ve been alive.

My first attempt at hitting 50,000 words of a fiction project in the month of November was November 2005. I had turned twelve years old less than a month before. By that point…

This post is something of an obligatory one.

If you’ve known me any longer than a few weeks, you’ll already know that I’m participating. I always participate.

For the uninitiated, National Novel Writing Month, known colloquially the world over as NaNoWriMo or just Nano, is an annual writing event. …

Topher Bigelow

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